Action on Climate Change

Congratulations to all those taking action and raising awareness about the need to face and address the environmental crisis.  We are part of the growing number of businesses that are measuring our environmental impact and carbon footprint so that we can further reduce our negative impact and increase our positive impact.

As a business we are committed to:

  • farm organically and sustainably
  • use natural and sustainably produced ingredients and
  • reduce, re-use and recycle 
To date we have:
  •  farmed organically since 2013/14 and are currently seeking independent organic certification through BioGro
  •  grown peonies sustainably, from each root harvest we are able to replant multiple divisions from the same tuber harvested to cater for growth (those divisions will be able to be harvested from in 3 - 4 years)
  • switched to glass and sugarcane tubes (which are high absorbers of C02) for our cream packaging and continue to use tins and brown wrap for our shampoo and soaps
  •  provided solid bars of soap, shampoo and conditioner bars that are plastic free and help soothe and heal irritated or inflamed skin
  •  switched to home compostable packaging and cardboard boxes with wood shavings so we no longer use plastic or bubble wrap 
  •  started measuring our carbon footprint through an independent certifier and committed to reducing it
  • planted 100 new Californian Redwood trees on our property (high carbon absorbers and fast growing) and maintain 24.7 hectares of regenerating native bush and scrub at our farm