Can I treat my babies eczema naturally?

Yes. We know it's hard.  Our son's had eczema right from birth - the itching, the redness, the pain was terrifying. As one of our customers said "holy hell that was annoying".

Our desperate search for a safe, natural alternative to prolonged steroid use led us to discover the answer on our very own peony farm!  Peony root has been used for centuries and is scientifically proven to be skin calming and anti-bacterial.  Our unique peony root extract from our certified organic peony root heals and soothes dry itchy skin.  

It is safe for babies.  With any new product we recommend you patch test first to check for sensitivities. To patch test put a little bit of cream on a hand or forearm. After a couple of minutes check that the skin isn't worse - ie hasn't got more red or itchy or swollen.  If not, you can apply as directed. Pure Peony High Factor Skin Remedy and our Peony Root Moisturiser can be used on faces.

Here's the advice we share with parents and those caring for babies with eczema:

1.  Eliminate skin irritants.  Stop using any washing power, soaps, talcum powders etc that has essential oils or fragrance.  Use cotton clothing and bedding (rather than synthetics or wool that can irritate).  

2. Keep babies skin hydrated.  Make sure they don't get too warm (check the temp of where they sleep as well as the number of layers of clothing).  Use an unscented, natural, hypoallergenic moisturiser if the skin is dry.

3.  Early treatment of eczema.   The earlier you can soothe, stop the itching and help heal the skin the better. Avoiding infection is key.

Morning routine using Pure Peony on babies with eczema: 

Use the High Factor Peony Root Skin remedy as your treatment cream.  Use it first thing in the morning on areas that are showing signs of irritation or inflammation - red patches, itchy patches, sore patches.  Use it as often as you need to throughout the day - you don't need to ration it and you can use it together with prescription creams too.

Use the Peony Root Moisturiser on areas that are dry but not irritated. This will help maintain skin health.


Evening routine using Pure Peony on babies with eczema:

When the eczema is under control bathe in a luke warm bath (not hot) with Pure Peony Soothing Bath Soak.  Just put a couple of tablespoons into a bath - the combination of peony root and colloidal oats will help calm and soothe skin (and stop some of the itching reoccurring).  Can be a great stress relief for parents and babies!   If your baby has patches of eczema then just soak colloidal oats in cotton mesh bag in the bath for some relief.

Gently towel dry.

Then use the High Factor Peony Root Skin Remedy on areas that show signs of irritation or inflammation and on areas you know are likely to flare up (for our son's it was behind his legs and in the crook of the elbow).  Apply quite liberally and then where possible 'wrap' the areas with the cotton wrap you can get at a chemist or supermarket.  We also used clean cotton socks cut off at the toes to pull up and cover areas like his elbows.  Wrapping will help the skin absorb the cream and prevent it ending up on the bedding rather than skin!

Use the Peony Root Moisturiser on other areas to help keep babies skin hydrated.

You can get cotton gloves and mittens to help stop babies scratching too.


"you need to give Pure Peony a whirl. We tried everything for weeks to sort this dry itchy bub and two days of that cream (High Factor Peony Root Skin Remedy) he's a new boy" - Emma O