Cream that is safe for eyes and face - for babies and adults

For irritated or inflamed eyelids or eye area choose Pure Peony High Factor Peony Root Skin Remedy.  It's gentle and effective in reducing the redness, irritation and inflammation.  Extra care needs to be taken on such a sensitive part of our bodies and we recommend you patch test any product on your hands first.  Safe for babies and children of all ages.

The best natural creams for your face generally are the High Factor Peony Root Skin Remedy for a light, easily absorbed cream.  If you prefer a richer, heavier cream then our Peony and Calendula cream is a great option. Both creams have the full strength peony root extract and the calendula one is particularly good at reducing redness.  Both are suitable to use under sunblock or makeup and come in a handy 20ml or larger 80ml tube for High Factor or 50ml glass pot for Peony and Calendula.