"Relieves itchy and inflamed skin overnight"

Pure Peony Sensitive, described as  “game changing”  is helping thousands of New Zealanders with itchy skin.  Viv’s experience of the crème is that it “relieves itching inflamed skin overnight” and she’s not alone.  The fact that it stops the itch is a big benefit – and a big difference – for our customers.  And with over 1 million New Zealanders suffering from eczema, it’s possible to help hundreds of thousand more!

This week is Eczema Awareness Week and we’re offering you a chance to win a Winter Skincare Pack – a large crème, soap and shampoo bar to help soothe and heal irritated and inflamed skin – naturally.  All our products use the scientifically proven extract, paeoniflorin, sourced from our organically grown peonies right here in Nelson.  You can send us your best tip on dealing with eczema (and we’ll share these), sign up for our newsletter and complete the short survey and you’ll go in the draw to win 1 of 5 Winter Skincare Packs, valued at $79.99 each.