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Rosacea Symptoms and Steps to Treat and Prevent

Rosacea often presents as redness on cheeks, nose, chine and forehead. It can be itchy, sore and inflamed as well as make you self-conscious.

Pure Peony's Rosacea Skin Steps is a one page guide to help you prevent and reduce rosacea flare-ups as well as providing advice on ways to reduce and treat the symptoms.

Rosacea Treatment

To keep your skin moisturized and to reduce the redness, inflammation and itch we recommend our High Factor Peony Root Skin Remedy.  If you prefer a body butter (a richer, heavier cream) then our Peony and Calendula cream is the perfect choice. 

Your face will also benefit from a weekly deep clean.  Use our Peony Root Skin Clarifying Face mask (in a jar) or our Detox Green Leaf Facemask (you can custom mix this to suit your skin type).

Rosacea Prevention

Identifying your triggers can help you prevent flare ups and reduce it worsening.  Common triggers include foods (spicy foods, alcohol, hot drinks), stress, climate and perfumes...because everyone is different it can help to keep a rosacea diary for 2 weeks.  Email for your Trigger Diary template.