YES we're still open for online orders. NZ, Australia and worldwide

Staying safe and well
We know:
- washing hands thoroughly with 'soap' and drying them is critical.
- soap actually makes coronavirus ineffective - expert Dr Siouxsie Wiles.  It's more than just good hygiene - it will save lives.
- keeping hands well moisturized will help prevent hands and fingers cracking (and limit potential infections).
- stressful times like this can trigger skin conditions and flare ups so use High Factor Peony Root Skin Remedy frequently and early to help prevent any flareups.
- when spraying a surface with a disinfectant you need to leave it on the surface for 10 seconds before you wipe it off (that gives enough time for the active to work). So, its spray, PAUSE, then wipe (who knew that before this? - Not us!).
- there is enough essential products, food and supplies for everyone so take care, be kind and stay home.

New Zealand Wide - yes we can still fulfil orders.

We are still able to send out orders from our farm based warehouse.  We have a contact free Monday - Friday daily pick up by Courier Post.
So you can still order our Healing Body Bars, Shampoo and conditioner bars and Peony Root creams and peony teas (great in times of stress and anxiety). FREE shipping on orders over $30.  Our range is also stocked in selected pharmacy - which remain open.

Australia Wide - yes we can still fulfil orders.

Our Australian based fulfilment agent is able to dispatch from within Australia orders going to Australian addresses. Remember this is now a tracked service through Australia Post E- Parcels. FREE shipping on orders over $70.

International Orders - yes we can still send orders offshore but expect delays.
Our advice is that international shipping remains possible - but realistically we would expect some additional delays.

We are here when you need us so don't hesitate to contact us for advice or support on