What's best for babies with eczema?


What is Eczema?

Eczema is a skin condition that causes dry and irritated skin. It’s a form of dermatitis which means inflammation of the skin. There are different types of eczema but the most common form of eczema is atopic eczema (atopic dermatitis) which is a chronic condition that causes your skin to become dry, itchy, cracked and sore. 

What is the best treatment for babies with eczema?

Eczema can come and go - and some children can outgrow it.

The best treatment for babies with eczema is gentle, safe, effective and early treatment.  Try not to wait till it gets bad - the earlier you can soothe, stop the itching and help heal the skin the better. Avoiding infection is key.  Sometimes you will need to get your doctors or midwifes help to get the right treatment- and don't worry too much if you need to use a steriod cream under prescription for a short time.

Our range can be used at the same time as prescription medicine and was developed so we could minimise the need to use steriod creams on our own children who suffered from eczema from birth.

Can I treat my babies eczema naturally?


 The High Factor Peony Root Skin Remedy is a natural repair cream - safe for babies and you can use it as often as you need. It will help stop the itching, soothe skin and help the skin heal too.  We recommend you patch test first  (eg on babies hand or foot) for any sensitivity.  If its fine, then you can use on babies face and wherever the eczema is starting to flareup.  We also recommend the Peony Root Moisturiser - use after babies bath to keep skin hydrated.


We tended to avoid using soaps and shampoo - our Healing Body Bar is the only soap our children could use when they were young.  The peony root in it will help soothe skin as well as lock in the natural oils and help keep babies skin hydrated.  We have also developed a soothing Bath Soak - ideal to add to babies bath to clean, relax and soothe.




"This is two days difference, I was recommended the cream from my pepi ora nurse...we tried everything for weeks to sort this dry rashy itchy bub and two days of that cream he's a new boy...absolutely adore your eczema cream! Works wonders on my little baby ❤️ - Emma O

"My newborn has eczema and dry itchy skin, this has been a godsend - it works to moisturise so much better than other creams and it's comforting to know he won't be as itchy because of the anti-itch properties. Also so much more user friendly than us both being covered in thick emulsion cream." - Charlotte


Can I avoid flare ups of my babies eczema?

Yes.  Keep your baby well moisturised, warm (not hot), and try to identify and avoid eczema triggers. Common ones are food related (dairy, eggs, nuts), dust mites and animal hair, chemicals or fragrances found in washing detergents, body washes/soaps. 

Email dot@purepeony.com for the eczema treatment guide or view our page at step by step eczema treatment guide