What's the best skincare plan?

We believe in keeping it simple!  The best skincare plan is one that uses natural, safe ingredients and is tailored to your skin type and any particular skin conditions.

We recommend:

Follow our simple skincare plan:

  1. Cleanse your skin and scalp. Use the Healing Body Bar (instead of a soap or body wash) on your face, hands and whole body.  Use the Shampoo and Conditioner bars to clean hair and soothe irritated scalps (rub the bar directly onto your wet hair, lather up and rinse out).
  2. Treat inflamed and irritated skin with one of our Skin Remedy creams. Apply to affected skin at least twice a day. Choose the skin remedy cream that best suits you:
  • Our High Factor Peony Root Skin Remedy is used as an alternative to prolonged steroid use to help heal skin, stop itching, reduce redness and inflammation. It is a light, non-greasy cream.  Designed for eczema prone skin and can be used on any skin condition and on your face and babies
  • Peony and Calendula Skin Remedy is a richer cream (and particularly good for rosacea and acne).
  • The Peony and Manuka Honey Skin Remedy is especially good for hands and feet and combines peony with the healing properties of manuka  honey.
  • The Skin Remedy for Feet is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and combines peony and Lemon Tea Tree.
  1. Moisturise daily to maintain skin health.  We have 3 great options to choose from:
    • The Peony Root Moisturiser is a natural, unscented moisturizer designed for dry skin and to reduce skin flareups.
    • The Everyday Hand Cream has a citrus scent as it combines peony and lemon tea tree oil to nourish and revive hands.
    • The Peony Mousse is unscented and apply at night to your face to hydrate while you sleep
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  2. Deep clean and refresh your face weekly with either the
    • Skin Clarifying Facemask which has essential oils of bergamot and mandarin or the
    • Detox Green Peony Leaf Facemask (no essential oils and is unscented)
  3. Repeat!  Any questions feel free to contact us at info@purepeony.com