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Shampoo Bar 3 Pack

Shampoo Bar 3 Pack

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Reduce itching and Dandruff quickly using this shampoo bar.

Please note there is a slight delay on our shampoo due to high number of orders. They will ship out later this week. (5 July) Thank you for your patience 

Shampoo bar for dry,itchy scalp, Drandruff and Psoriasis. 60gm bar made with Peony root to reduce itching and help heal flaky, itchy scalps - one bar will last from 1-2 months. Gentle on scalp, and enlivens hair. Great for Dandruff. Use daily and get rid of Dandruff fast. Shampoo Bars are designed to be rubbed directly on your head. Create a good lather and then massage into scalp for 1-2 mins before rinsing - if you use hair products then reapply to remove any stubborn waxes. You can use a spray in conditioner afterwards or just towel dry and you are done. For long hair Argan Oil is recommended as a conditioning oil. This bar reduces the impact that shampoo bottles have on the environment and comes in a recycled paper pouch. Be kind to the environment and your scalp today. We have many customers with Psoriasis using this shampoo with great results!