Best natural remedy...peony and licorice

Just released and we know its going to be a winner!  A 100% organic tea combining peony root & licorice root....delicious to drink and recommended for inflammation, PMT and menopause. Use 1- 2 teaspoons of tea per person.

Licorice root helps the absorption of the natural active ingredient in peony root and is known in English as a "dynamic duo", in Mandarin as "shaoyao gancao tang" and in Japanese as"shakuyaku kanzo-to".

 If you're suffering from inflammation, including skin inflammation, use daily and feel the relief.

For women, peony can be used to treat period pain, menstrual cramps, and PMT irritability and anxiety.  It also helps reduce the discomfort of hot flushes and sweats associated with menopause and is safe to use long term. 

The medicinal use of peony commonly used in herbal medicine is combined with licorice.  "It is thought that the first real mention and promotion of use of this combination was by an extremely important figure in the history of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Zhang Zhongjing.  He lived between 150-219 AD (Han Dynasty) and is regarded as one of the most important, learned and pivotal characters in the development of the medical system of his day". - Stuart Fitzsimons "Peony - A reference for Patients and Professionals 2015.

The natural active in peony - paeoniflorin - is "so well studied that there is now well over 400 scientific research papers regarding its isolation, structure and activity" (Fitzsimons, ibid).

To read more about licorice root, its use over thousands of years and the scientific research on its anti-inflammatory properties and potential to help eczema visit:

Ask your doctor first before taking licorice if you are on medications for potassium levels, blood pressure, diuretics, heart medication, blood thinners, estrogen, hormone therapy, birth control pills and corticosteroids.