Ethical and environmental responsibility

We support recent calls to take another look at supply chains to ensure they are in keeping with social, ethical and environmental responsibilities.  No one wants to be inadvertently supporting child slavery or environmental destruction.

We take our responsibility seriously.  We farm organically and sustainably.

farming organically

Our ingredients are 100% natural.  We use our own certified organic peony root. 


Other ingredients are sourced from businesses with a long commitment to corporate social and environmental responsibility, including membership of the Union for Ethical Trade (UEBT) and The Roundtable on sustainability produced Palm Oil (RSPO).

Our cream and skin remedies are packaged in tubes made from recyclable sugarcane (not plastic) and re-usable glass jars.  This helps reduce landfill, global warming, pollution, and climatic changes.

Our solid Body Bars, Shampoo and Conditioner Bars cut down on plastic too.  They are packaged in locally sourced boxes.