Looking for a natural option for acne?

Acne can affect teenagers and adults!  Our 4 step regime is easy to follow and has helped teenage acne and adults with rosacea acne. It's natural, affordable, safe and easy.

Step 1 - daily cleanse your face with Pure Peony Healing Body Bar.  Suitable for the most sensitive of skin, this body bar was the only 'soap' our children with eczema could use. 

Step 2 - daily apply Pure Peony High Factor Peony Root Skin Remedy to acne spots and any red or inflamed, irritated areas.  This natural skin remedy can be applied as often as you want - and can be combined with other medication.  

Step 3 - at night apply Peony and Calendula cream to acne spots or redness.  This step is optional - but is great for those wanting a heavier richer cream to apply at night.  It has the same strength peony root extract as the High Factor cream but has the added benefit of calendula too.

Step 4 - weekly use either the Detox Green Leaf Facemask or the Skin Clarifying Face Mask.  The later has essential oils of bergamot and mandarin. Great for clearing up any scarring or blemish.

Tracie recommends the Detox Facemask:

I suffer with terrible rosacea on my forehead...many pimples and bumps. Immediately after using this product my skin drastically calms down and within 24 hours it looks smooth and beautiful! WOW. The results last around a week for me. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful product because it’s truly life changing for me! For all those suffering with rosacea, please please try this amazing mask!"
Lenny recommends the Skin Clarifying Mask:
"I bought and have used this product and my pimple were gone within 1 week".
As Anna says, this mask is "a luxurious change to some of the more medicinal acne creams".