NEW packaging - in time for Plastic Free July!

Here at Pure Peony we care about people and our planet. That's why we re-use and re-cycle cardboard and paper packaging, use sustainably produced ingredients and packaging (including home compostable postage bags), and farm organically and sustainably.  Most of our range is now in glass containers and by the end of July 99% of our range will be in glass or sugarcane tubes (the only exception is our 500ml tub of High Factor Peony Root Skin Remedy).

Sugarcane tubes are a great option for keeping the cream from cross-contamination from hands when the cream is applied (and often easier than glass to take with you wherever you go).  It also means no more messy pumps or a fight to get the last of the product out!

Using sugarcane is great for the environment - sugarcane is a high absorber of C02 and the end tube is recyclable too. The High Factor 20ml and 80ml as well as the 150ml Peony Root Moisturiser will be available in the sugarcane tubes - and the 20ml High Factor will still be available in glass pots for those who prefer glass.

You can count on us to care about your needs and our planet.