Sunblock and peonies....

Summer’s almost here – and so are the peonies, one of the worlds most beautiful blooms.  Organically grown just out of Nelson and used by Pure Peony for their flowers and the healing properties of their roots, this plant is nothing short of miraculous.

New Zealand grown peonies are available from mid October through to late December, with some seasonal variation so now is the time to be keeping an eye out for them!  To prolong the vase life remember to wash the vase before use, trim the stems, change the water daily, and display in a cooler part of the house out of direct sunlight.

Cut flowers don’t like direct sunlight – and neither does our skin.  So if you’re on the look out for a sunscreen choose wisely.  Our skin is our largest organ and everything we put on our skin will be absorbed.  Zinc is a natural barrier and when combined with Pure Peony High Factor Skin Remedy you will achieve some sun damage prevention and healing from any sun damage.  The proven skin soothing and anti-bacterial properties of peony root will soothe dry itchy skin and help restore moisture balance.

We recommend you apply Pure Peony High Factor Skin Remedy or Pure Root Moisturiser daily and then apply the sunscreen of your choice on top of that to maximize skin health. And of course, shade and a good hat will always be your best protection against our summer sun.