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NEW packaging - in time for Plastic Free July!

Announcing our new sugarcane tubes!   By the end of July our High Factor Peony Root Skin Remedy and our Peony Root Moisturiser will be available in sugarcane tubes. Using sugarcane is great for the environment - sugarcane is a high absorber of C02 (which is great for our planet's future) and the end tube is recyclable too.

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Plastic Free your bathroom!

Plastic waste is a problem in the bathroom – from toothpaste tubes to shampoo and liquid soap bottles. Can you ditch plastic without sacrificing your skin and hair regimens? Here are some tips we found useful: Buy cleaners in bulk - We use a septic tank friendly bleach and it cleans like no other toilet and shower cleaner! Baking Soda in a shaker tin works wonders in the sink on toothpaste scum! Use hard soaps - hard soaps stop the need for plastic pump bottles and they last a long time.  And because bar soap doesn’t contain as high a proportion of water as shower gels or liquid soaps, bar soap tends to last a lot longer and is more cost...

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