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  • Is stress causing your skin to flare-up? 3 ways to help your skin without spending a cent.

    Whatever your circumstances are, this pandemic will be affecting you - and quite probably your skin too.  Read on to learn more about how stress messes with your skin and creates an "inflammatory cascade". 

    But first - the good news. 

    Do these 3 things without spending a cent - and your skin will love you for it.

    1.  Drink plenty of water.  Staying hydrated is key.  Stress can dry your skin out.

    2.  Avoid over heating.  Keep showers or baths warm, not hot.  As winter approaches here, dress up warm but don't wear too many layers.  

    3.  Get enough sleep.  Lack of sleep can boost cortisol levels. It's a vicious cycle....

    When we're stressed our "fight or flight" response kicks in.  Our levels of hormones cortisol and adrenaline skyrocket.  Our digestion in the gut slows down, affecting   gut bacteria. Our skin suffers....

  • 2020 beauty forecast: The why behind the rise in sensitised skin

    The increase in skin sensitivities is a direct result of environmental aggressors and the effects of certain ingredients, too much time in front of blue screens, stress, water quality, pollution and diet according to LS:N, a global tracking company.