Watch us on 7Sharp

Last week we had the pleasure of hosting 7Sharp reporter Michael Holland and Cameraman Ken. We couldn't have picked a better Dovedale day! The sun was out and frost was a plenty! What a fabulous experience!

It's always great to be able to share why we do what we do!  It all began with our own kids eczema. We were desperate to find an alterative to prolonged steriod use.  At the same time we had recently moved to the Nelson region and had planted peony flowers - with a view to selling them as cut flowers for export. With no horticultural or floriculture experience we turned to the web to research how best to grow premium flowers. It was then that we discovered that peony root had been used for centuries in Chinese traditional medicine. Further research uncovered an wealth of scientific research to back up its anti-inflammatory and skin healing properties.  And that is how our journey began. We changed our focus from growing flowers to harnessing the healing properties of the root in our range of skin repair. 

Today we produce a range of skin and hair care products specifically for people with sensitive, eczema prone skin.  The range has proved incredibly beneficial for people with eczema, psorasis, rosacea and a range of skin conditions. It is safe for babies and people of all ages, 100% natural and made in Nelson New Zealand.  We use the organic peony root extract from our own farm in all our range.