We're taking action on climate change

As a small business we know we can and must make a difference.  For us it's a journey - we can continue to do more, learn more, and get better at reducing our carbon footprint and increasing the good we do on our planet.

So far we have been able to:

- start measuring our impact. That old saying is true - you measure what matters and what matters is what you measure!  

- reduce our emissions. We have a hybrid vehicle, especially for trips into Nelson (but still have diesel farm vehicles and tractor).  Our market stall in Nelson is now run by someone living locally, reducing the number of trips we have to do.  We walk to our office (OK, to be fair, that's easy for us as our office is based at our farm!).

- use sustainable packaging.  99% of our range is now in tubes made from sugarcane, glass pots or tins (which can be re-used or recycled).  We use home compostable, biodegradable and cardboard boxes to post our products (no plastic or bubble wrap here!).

- offer bulk plain brown wrap for our solid shampoo bars and soaps (reducing the amount of packaging further).

- sponsor initiatives that encourage and educate, including Waste Free Kate.

- farm organically and sustainably.  We are New Zealand's only BioGro certified organic peony root farm.

We'd love to hear from you about other steps we can take to make a difference.  Email dot@purepeony.com with your ideas and suggestions.