What matters most to you?

In our recent customer survey, you told us the five things that matter most to you when choosing skincare products are:
1. Natural ingredients
2. Quality
3. Scientifically proven
4. Made in New Zealand
5. Safety.
It’s great that our products tick all those boxes (and more).

You also told us that our products are working for you.  90% said Pure Peony is better than other products you tried at calming irritated skin and 87% rated our products higher than other products for overall effectiveness.  When comparing our products with other products 96% of our survey respondents rated Pure Peony products as different – and 72% said they are extremely or very different.

We also asked customers to share their best tips….and many of you shared that keeping skin moisturized was key.  Others including understanding your own triggers – eczema isn’t always food related nor heritary.  And a great tip from one of our customers ” A little political but….get a water filter!  As much as I love pure peony and use it daily, and I take collagen powder which also helps – having clean filtered water to shower, drink and wash clothes in has made a big difference of late.  Sad, but a necessary part of our lives now.  Not a cheap exercise unfortunately, but definitely has made a big difference…”  This customer also cautions that its important to shop around and do your own research when choosing a water filter – “the most expensive one with the sales pitch and financing isn’t necessarily what is needed”.

 Thanks for your feedback.  We appreciate it – keep it coming.