Why Menopause can trigger eczema....

Eczema affects people of all ages – not just babies and children.  Recently celebrity Nadia Sawalha (of EastEnders fame) opened up about how her childhood eczema has flared up – after the birth of her child and then again during menopause.  It’s all about dry skin!  As we age and particularly during menopause oestrogen levels decrease and the skin retains less moisture, making it more prone to eczema.  The immune system is also lowered, making it harder to fight allergens and irritants. To read more visit https://www.webmd.com/beauty/features/menopause-dry-skin-hormone-connection#3

“Every woman in menopause knows about the infamous hot flashes. Most are familiar with the night sweats. But dry skin at menopause, too? How did that happen?
The answer is simple: Hormones, specifically estrogen. It turns out that the same hormone behind so many of your body’s changes may be responsible for dry skin problems at menopause, too…

“Somewhere between the ages of 40 and 58 most women enter menopause. This is when the ovaries stop releasing eggs, periods come to an end, and the production of estrogen begins to decline.
Estrogen is a powerhouse hormone. It stimulates maturation of a girl’s body at puberty. It helps keep a woman’s bones strong.
Another thing estrogen does is stimulate the formation of skin-smoothing collagen and oils. That’s why, as menopause approaches and estrogen production diminishes, dry, itchy skin becomes very common, says Elizabeth Tanzi, MD, co-director of the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery.”

The best way to treat eczema flare ups during menopause is to keep skin moisturized, include essential fatty acids and good oils (like avocado and fish oil), identify and avoid your own triggers (common ones are harsh chemicals, perfumes, certain foods), wear clothing that breathes (eg cotton) and don’t overheat (avoid long hot showers and too many layers of clothing or bedding).  Bringing your immune system into balance will also help – try our combination of skincare and immune boosting Peony and Blackcurrent tea.