Why treating our skin health wholistically is important

Our skin is our largest organ and plays 7 key functions.
Cara McDonald,  Consultant Dermatologist, St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne summarised this in her article in The Conversation.  " Our skin is a big deal – literally. It’s the largest organ in the body and one of the most complicated. It has many roles in the maintenance of life and health, but also has many potential problems, with more than 3,000 possible skin disorders."

She says the day to day role of the skin is:

  • Working as a barrier– protecting against water loss, physical and chemical injury, and bugs

  • Helping us fight off bugs, allergens, toxins and carcinogens

  • Regulating our temperature

  • Protecting us from UV radiation

  • Giving us the sense of touch 

  • The production of Vitamin D which helps prevent many diseases

  • Wound healing

Prioritizing our skin health and approaching it wholistically can make a real difference to our overall health.

In a recent podcast for the National Eczema Association Dr Olivia Hsu Friedman set out the Traditional Chinese Medicine approach which treats the mind, body and spirit as all connected.  Eczema and other skin conditions are not just about your skin, but a systemic issue.  Peony root is one of the Chinese traditional medicines use to help restore balance to the immune system and in turn address skin health.  We use peony root from our certified organic farm in all our range.