Winter's Coming!

Winter's tough on skin

Skin flare ups are common in winter.  The dry winter air is particularly harsh on eczema prone skin and the cold weather makes us want to wrap up warm and turn up the heat.  Too many layers, hot showers, baths or overheated rooms can make eczema even worse.  As with any time of year the best advice for eczema prone, dry or irritated skin remains:

  1. Keep your skin hydrated.  Drink plenty of water and keep your skin moisturized

  2. Avoid skin irritants (perfumes, chemicals) in moisturizers, cleaning products, shampoos, soaps, shaving cream

  3. Wear clothing that doesn’t irritate skin (cotton underneath wool or merino can prevent irritation)

  4. Don’t overheat – keep showers and baths warm (not hot) and be careful that your heating isn’t too much that it drys out your skin

  5. Avoid your triggers – certain foods, animals, dust….

Use one of our Skin Remedy creams to heal skin and then use the Peony Root Moisturiser, healing body bar and shampoo to keep skin hydrated and moisturized, strengthen the skin barrier, reduce inflammation and itching and reduce risk of infection.