Yes - our products are vegan

We get asked this - a lot.  All our products except the Peony& Manuka Honey Cream are vegan.  As Lucy Slight recently blogged "Vegan is synonymous with the terms plant-based and natural, with animal welfare being paramount. Sometimes though, it’s tricky to know which brands are vegan and which are not – especially if they’re not labelled one way or the other."  She went on to note that "A product that is vegan should not contain any animal or animal-derived ingredients such as honey, beeswax, lanolin, collagen, albumen, carmine, cholesterol or gelatin. Strictly speaking, a ‘vegan’ product should also be free from animal testing". 

We agree, and our products are all free from animal testing.  

And free from common allergens - including nuts (and nut oils).

And natural.  And our peony root - the active in our range - is all sourced from our own organic farm.  We've been organic for many years and this year moved to Bio Gro Organic Certification to provide that extra level of guarantee.  "Organic’ means grown without the use of artificial fertilisers, pesticides or other artificial chemicals.

It's important to us and part of our overall environmental commitment.  And we're not alone - recent research reported a whopping 175% increase in vegan cosmetics from 2013.  That increase is consumer driven - reflecting concern over animal cruelty, carbon emissions and the strain on the planet's depleting natural resources.