What makes a product sustainable? Is it environmentally friendly or green washing?

We all want to do the right thing.  Reduce our carbon footprint. Reduce our waste.  Buy sustainable and environmentally friendly products and packaging. Buy organic and local.  But it can be hard to separate green washing from the truth.

Recently we can across the Lowell Centre Framework for Sustainable Products and their 5 simple criteria.  Here's how we stack up:

  1. Healthy for consumers. Yes - our product avoids toxic chemicals and is safe to use (even on babies).  We only use natural ingredients and our peony root is sourced from our own BioGro certified organic farm
  2. Environmentally sound. Yes.  We avoid toxic chemicals both in our products and on our farm. We have switched from plastic tubes to tubes made from sugarcane. We've stopped importing tins and now use locally made cardboard board boxes. That one step has dramatically reduced our carbon footprint. We replant at least 2 plants for every peony plant harvested.
  3. Benefits local communities.  Yes.  We partner with local businesses for our full supply chain and we support local fundraising initiatives.  
  4. Safe production process.  Yes.  Safety is a priority on our farm.
  5. Economically viable.  Yes. Our range meets a real need and we have bulk pricing options to ensure quality and availability.

    Using our own organically grown peony root ensures both quality, safety, transparency and a positive impact on our environment.

    Our packaging choices can help you make positive choices too. 

    Every solid bar (body bar, soap, shampoo and conditioner bar) means 1 less plastic bottle.   Every Pure Peony Bar is a bar that has been locally made, using local and natural ingredients, and packaged in an environmentally and sustainable way.

    Together we can make a difference. Thanks for taking the steps you can to become more environmentally friendly.