best natural treatment for rosacea Pure Peony High Factor Skin Remedy, healing shampoo and body bar. Made in NZ
Rosacea Skincare Pack
Rosacea Skincare Pack

Pure Peony Rosacea Pack

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Calm and help heal rosacea with this pack of Healing Shampoo Bar, Healing Body Bar and High Factor Peony Root Skin Remedy 80ml. The Healing Body Bar and Shampoo are for everyday use and the High Factor Peony Root Skin Remedy cream is a natural alternative to reduce the redness and calm rosacea.

Use the Healing Shampoo Bar every time you wash your hair - simple rub the bar directly onto wet hair, lather up and rinse out.

Use the Healing Body Bar every time you wash your hands, face, body.

Use the High Factor Peony Root Skin Remedy on affected skin as often as you like - we recommend you start with 2 - 3 times a day.

This pack will give you all you need to be confident your skin and hair will be calm and well nourished.  The natural active ingredient in peony root will reduce the redness, stop itching, soothe and calm skin, and promote natural healing.

What will Pure Peony do for me?

  • Reduces redness and any itchiness
  • Calms, nourishes and helps heal damaged skin and scalp
  • Leaves skin and hair clean and fresh

Check out what customers are saying about these three products below:

“This Pure peony cream is brilliant for rosacea . It is soothing, reduces the redness and itching, and also helps keep my skin soft and hydrated. There are very few products around for rosacea other than harsh anti-acne creams. The peony root is a wonderful alternative to these.” Helga

“After 4-6 weeks of using the range of products (soap/creme/shampoo) on my face for rosacea the change is spectacular. I was at my wits end. My face now has a mild blush to it – not the angry/welted/weeping mess it used to be. Can’t thank you enough” De

"Great product. Purchased my first tube at the nelson market - works really well to keep the rosacea on my face under control. A little bit goes a long way and I have now purchased some for my Mum too. Highly recommend this product."  Sarah T

After just one use I saw a reduction in the angry redness caused by my Rosacea."  Rachelle

"I have had DECADES of dealing with severe Rosacea and I’ve never encountered anything this calming and that works this quickly. I was more comfortable from the first application with a visible difference in a week. You DO have to keep using it regularly but it works so it’s worth it. – Connie N


This pack contains : 1x 100gm Healing Body Bar in a box, 1x 90gm Healing Shampoo Bar, 1x 80ml recyclable sugarcane tube of High Factor Peony Root Skin Remedy cream 

Made in Nelson, New Zealand.  100% natural.  Organic NZ peony root.  Suitable for vegans.  Perfume free.