stop itchy skin Pure Peony cream and body bar
Stop the Itch - Sensitive Skin Pack

Stop the Itch - Sensitive Skin Pack

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This sensitive skin pack will help reduce the constant itchy skin so many people have. It contains the following products:

  • 20mls Pure Peony High Factor Skin Remedy cream in sugarcane tube
  • Pure Peony Square Healing Body Bar in a box (the only soap our kids can use)

This is the perfect way to try our products on your sensitive skin. We have had amazing results for people with dry itchy skin and psoriasis or eczema type symptoms. The Paeoniflorin in the cream really does soothe the skin and leave it less itchy and moisturized. Trying it is the only way you can experience this for yourself. "It just stops the incessant itch I have on my arms" Norman from Geraldine. "I cant wait to give your products a try on my 6 year old son. My aunty loves your products and it has cleared her eczema up amazingly!"  Jaime from Timaru.

The perfect travel size to make sure your skin is looked after wherever you are. The 20ml tube will fit easily in your handbag/school bag/glove box and provide relief to itchy, dry skin no matter where you are. This also makes the perfect gift.